I have come back to Shenzhen these days, picked up some pictures to share:


These are the connector reels, stacked up by the seller.


View from the office, in Nanshan district. Even though it is around 11PM, there are a lot of people working late there.

Late night during the weekday, there are people everywhere.

One of the temperature chamber.

Highly Accelerated Life Time test facility

Checking Ubiquiti’s POE production line, a worker is testing the throughput of the devices.

This new model is not released yet, we will be able to buy them on the market very soon.



The test facility that checks the radio performance


This production line is producing the silicon lab’s IoT module.


A quite popular bike sharing service in Shenzhen. Basically everyone got a bike sharing account here, and the payments are conveniently done through mobile apps.

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