Lora Gateway SX1301 Arrives!

Right now we are working with GIMASI to release the product! They are the contributor of the Lora Alliance. And another two American companies.

Check MatchX for subscribing more news on the release.

It has been quite a while since my last post about Lora gateway’s FPGA version.  Finally we received the boards! The boards are manufactured by a Chinese PCB manufacture that I have been always using.


And it is really cheap! Compared to the IMST’s 189 EUR’s NON-FPGA version, our FPGA version(SX1301AP2-PCB_E336) has surpassed it totally!


Let’s see the performace:

Lowest record over the world for Lora: -143.3dBm


Amazing, uh? Much more better than IMST’s board(-134dBm)

First additional feature: spectral scan

The Background Spectral Scan (= RSSI histogram from SX1272) FSM consists to save the number of iterations that a RSSI value occurred.
To do so, there is a RAM inside the FPGA. The RAM address (over 8 bits i.e. 256 entries) corresponds to the read RSSI value from SX1272. Each time a RSSI value is read, the RAM data (16 bits) corresponding to the RAM_address (= RSSI value) is incremented by one.
You can find an example of how to run the Background Spectral Scan feature under our LoRa gateway
(GW) GitHub: https://github.com/lora-net/lora_gateway/tree/master/util_spectral_scan


The left one is CW=-20dBm, the right figure is CW=-110dBm

One more important feature that brings only by FPGA version: Listen-Before-Talk



We all know that ETSI has impose a regulation on the time on air, which is to limit the devices to occupy the spectrum for a long time.

But for the gateway if we comply 1%’s air time that would be a disaster since when 1000 nodes want to do Online-Activation or comfirmed data trasmission, the gateway will be dummy after sending several packets. Hence in this case we need LBT AFA to send the packets back to nodes.


Now this LBT AFA is released in the lora_gateway repo, server will be ready soon.




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sheenhx Written by:


  1. Al Thomas
    April 30, 2016


    This is remarkable work. Has support been ported to versions of OpenWRT that are (way) older than CC? I have a lot of legacy boards that have USB on them but I doubt they support anything more recent than Kamikaze 7.09, with a 2.6 kernel…

    • Sheen
      April 30, 2016

      Hi Thanks!
      Essentially the software of Lora gateway is using some linux libraries like librt, libpthread. I doubted that whether the old Openwrt can support it.
      However, you can check my previous blog about SX1301! And actually you can buy a very cheap and handy openwrt board called WRTnode in US.
      Alternatively, if you don’t like the Chinese hardware you can then go for Raspberry PI:)

  2. April 30, 2016

    Thank you. I have been successful with ftdi drivers and USB dongles on Linux but really need to try a directly connected mini-PCIe solution. I may have to go to WGTnode and get away from a full Linux distro (Ubuntu 14.04 in my case). It certainly appears to be less work!

  3. Piero
    July 30, 2016

    Hello Sheen, how’s going the certification? we’re in a hurry to experimenti with this new toy 🙂

    • Sheen
      July 30, 2016

      Hi it will be ready in these months. Please come back to check now and then 🙂

      • Rob Rodriguez
        August 13, 2016

        Hi Sheen,

        We are working on a product in North America and trying to figure out the best channel for getting the SX1301AP2 reference design to fabricate our own board as you have done. Semtech is difficult nut to crack in NA. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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